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Things To Do

Placed in the heart of the beautiful Österlen, Torsborg
is close to many nice places to visit. 20 km to Kivik and Stenshuvud National Park. 30 km to the ancient Ale's Stones monument at Kåseberga.

Go to Baskemölla or Tobisviken for a swim in the sea or lay down on the bridge at Gyllebo Lake, within cycling distance or five minutes drive.

Are you eager to go on bargain hunting you are in walking distance to the old and beautiful village Gladsax, where you find the best antique shop at Österlen.

Just a short walk away from Torsborg is one of Scania's finest nature area. Bäckhalla Valley is a unique nature reserve with a large variety of rare habitats and geological structures.

Our staff is happy to recommend nearby sights to visit. You can also rent a bike, with or without a picnic basket. See prices »